Jim Patterson Memorial Benevolence Fund


Family and friends of Representative Jim Patterson humbly announce the establishment of the Jim Patterson memorial benevolence fund.
Your gifts will be used to continue good works that Jim quietly carried out over the years. He gave to so many so generously in ways that the right hand did not always know what the left hand was doing. More specifically these funds will go to provide for the needs of Madison County school students in need of clothing as well as medical and dental support.
Your support in this effort should be done in celebration of Jim and his redeemer and we trust that any gift will be given in the same spirit that Jim gave....with great JOY that everything that we have, and everything that we will ever be is a total undeserved gift from God.

Zach Beaman
Phone: 256-503-4071
Email: zach@missionfirefly.org

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